is a weekend festival featuring exciting, educational and enlightening visual-arts experiences for all.

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Register for the Art Ex Festival Corporation weekend of visual-arts workshops Sept. 26 to 29, 2019

Art Ex Festival Corp would like to remind all potential workshop participants that they only have about a week and a half to register for any workshops. If registration is low or no one is registered then that workshop will be canceled. So, if there is a workshop which you plan to attend then register now and make it known you plan to attend by paying for that workshop, payment finalizes your participation. Don't wait and miss out on these opportunities to learn about visual arts from experienced instructors. For details look at the workshop descriptions on  our Facebook page or on this under current workshops. Don't miss out, just check it out! Goes to or call Robert at 489-9304 to register now! Registration deadline is Sept 27th. 2019