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Jackie Alcock: Remembrance Project


By definition Remembrance is the act of remembering, the ability to remember, or a memorial.

This project is my memorial to those Newfoundlanders who served in WWI and the Canadians who served in Afghanistan. It was a long time in the making and many times the project was in doubt.
Many of my projects, like this one, start with a thought. How could I honour the Newfoundland men who served in WWI? One thing my mother taught me was to be fair and if I were going to do a project for one force that served I would have to do something for all the Newfoundland forces. Therefore, I set out to make a forget-me-not for all Newfoundlanders who served in WWI.
I will admit that I did not really think about all the work this project entailed. Four years later after thousand of hours I completed the show you see here.

Along the way the project expanded as I was asked if I would be doing anything for the Canadian troops who served in Afghanistan. Hence, the second part of the show The Afghanistan Time Line. This was maybe the hardest part because most of these soldiers were the ages that my children are now. I designed this project many ways and in the end settled on a time line and when I had that completed knew it had to be more personal so I went back and added in the photos. I wanted people to see whom we lost. I wanted you to see their youth, strength and that smile or that twinkle in their eye. I wanted you to see the cost of war/conflict. I wanted you to remember that everyday our troops are out there because we ask them to stand in harms way to protect others. Some pay the greatest price.
I just wanted to say, “Thank you, you are remembered”.

The Remembrance Project consists of 2 parts: 1.the Forget-Me-Not WW1 Project, 2. The Afghanistan Time Line

 Jackie Alcock is a Newfoundland artist who lives and works out of Corner Brook. She completed her BFA from Sir Wilfred Grenfel College in Corner Brook.

The Forget-Me-Not Project consists of seven pieces of artwork.
1. An Army Blanket, which contains 6700 Forget -Me -Nots for those who served in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment.
2. A Collage, which contains 1200 Forget-Me-Nots for the Royal Newfoundland Regiment individuals who were waiting to deploy overseas
3. A Rug, with 1900 Forget-Me-Nots for the Royal Newfoundland Naval Reserve
4. A Wall Hanging, with 1500 Foget-Me-Nots for the Merchant Marines
5. A Rug, with 526 Forget-Me- Nots for the Newfoundland Forestry Unit
6. A Rug, with 179 Forget-Me-Nots for the women of the Volunteer Aid Detachment
7. A Collage, with 3000 Forget-Me-Nots for those who served with other forces such as the Canadian and US Forces.

The Afghanistan Time Line is a timeline of the Canadian Soldiers killed in Afghanistan. It consists of a set of 58 posters, showing the dates, names, ages, hometowns, service groups, causes of death, and photos of our troops killed in this conflict.

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