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Raising delilah
Sept 26-27
Introduction to printmaking with Audrey Feltham
This workshop is designed for CNVAS members who intend to use the etching press. The
first ½ day will be a review of press procedures including:
1. how to set the pressure
2. how to ensure the pressure is correct for your matrix
3. how to straighten the blankets to ensure proper printing
4. rules concerning safety around the press
The remaining day of the workshop will be demonstration and active printing of two
types of matrixes.
1. Metal plate. I will be bringing copper plate. We will discuss the proper
preparation of the plate for use on the press as well as how to register
a plate for printing. I will bring two plates. You will learn how to properly
ink and wipe the plate as well as how to register the two plates for a multiple
plate image. The image will be my image. You are not entitled to take away
the image and use it in any way or sell it. It is entirely a tool for instruction.
2. Lino block multiple block registration. I will bring two lino blocks that will
be inked and printed simultaneously on the press. Again,these blocks are
my image and you will use them only to learn the process. You cannot print
the image and take it away. It is a tool for instruction only.
When you have finished this workshop you should be able to print more than one matrix
on the same sheet of printing paper to create layers. The same constructs apply if you wish
to print 3, 4 or multiple layers of ink.
The printing press allows you the opportunity for great experimentation in the printing
process. You need to feel comfortable about operating the press and about how to register
your matrixes to achieve successful results. At the end of the workshop Atelier West will
supply you with a handout booklet that will contain the notes you need to refresh your
memory of what you have learned at the workshop.
This is not the typical workshop. You will not take away an actual physical print. What
you will take away is the knowledge that you need to be able to use the printing press
to maximum capacity. Just a gentle reminder that you will not be able to use the press
unless you have attended this workshop or one similar.
Please come with disposable gloves as you will be inking matrixes and handling rollers.
Please also bring with you a roll of shop towel for clean up. You can share a roll with another
participant if you wish.

Registration will take place, starting on September 3rd by emailing  or contacting Robert Lodge at 489-9304. You can make an e- transfer payment to, using the password registration or call Robert at 489-9304  if you wish to use cash or a cheque.  Payment for the workshops is due at the time of registration, and that is the only way to confirm your participation in the workshop.  If you have questions, you can reach us at: This workshop costs $25.00, which includes all supplies, please consult the schedule on our facebook page for the time and place.

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