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Sept 30
Watercolour Batik Workshop

Watercolour Batik Workshop: with instructor: Jane Sasonow-White
Watercolour Batik method of painting includes 3 elements: ginwashi rice paper, watercolours and wax.
All are translucent in a fashion, but as you build your painting it is unclear as to what is beneath the layers until the very end when the wax is removed. The unknown and the serendipity that happens to the final uncovering is always a pleasurable experience.
Watercolour batik combines the brilliance and clarity of watercolour with the looseness and unpredictability of hot wax. Working on translucent rice paper, you will build layers of colour and wax to create a product that glows with the intensity of a back lit image when all the wax is removed.
Participants can expect to complete at least 2-3 pieces. Because the batiks must be completely dry before wax is applied, it’s best to work on several paintings at a time. Work on one while the others are drying. To register contact Art Ex at

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